Believe it or not, this is an old Grant wheel that had been wrapped in red leather years ago. It was a little rough and definitely the wrong color for the Camaro’s blue interior



The first things to stare you in the face when you climb into your classic Bow-Tie is the dashboard and steering wheel.  Not only do your eyes focus on them when you first enter, but the wheel Is invariably the first part of the car’s interior you grab a hold of and touch.  These are the most intimate parts of your ride, so they should be given the utmost of consideration when choosing the right parts to upgrade.  And since you’re their captive audience, Grant Products believes they should look as cool as possible. We had the camera lens focusd on a steering wheel upgrade, that was being given to a modified ’67 Camaro drop-top. The first-gen’s owner loved Chevy’s optional Rosewood steering wheel, but their cost in today’s world is prohibitive, so he decided to find an attractive alternative. Grant’s three-spoke wheel is 14.5-inches diameter and It closely resembles the style and design of the OEM classic wheel.  Not only does it look good, but it also gives a solid and comfortable feel while controlling where the car goes.

The Camaro’s OEM tilt steering column requires the use of Grant Installation Kit (#3162). Prior to doing the swap, the metal collar, which is provided in the kit and comes in black, was painted to match the interior. The installation is pretty basic, using standard hand tools which every car guy has in his roll-away. Grant’s instructions are simple to follow, even if you’ve never had the need to take a steering wheel off before. One specialized tool you will require is a steering wheel puller, which   you can get from most auto parts stores or Sears.  Assuming all goes well and you don’t run into rusted-on parts, completing the upgrade shouldn’t take more than 45 minutes.  But take your time as the steering wheel is the most important part of your ride when she’s in your hands.  So treat it well and you’ll enjoy the relationship you have for a long time.

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The Grant three-spoke wheel will be a beautiful addition to this vehicle. It comes with everything necessary for a simple installation and includes easy to follow printed instructions. Before starting, disconnect the battery and make sure the front wheels are straight


This is the original horn contact ring with the pressure spring beneath it. After removing the steering wheel, this is one of the first parts you’ll find. Carefully remove it with out damage


The mounting hub that is included in the installation kit is now fitted over the original horn contact and both will now be installed over the spring and onto the steering shaft

Notice the small notch in the steering shaft just above the threads, and the small arrow and TOP on the Grant mounting hub. Lining up both of these indicators will insure the steering wheel and front wheels will be straight


Slightly tighten the retaining nut against the hub to hold the assembly in place against the spring. Once it is secure remove the retaining nut


Follow the instruction for the horn contact plunger according to the type of horn contact in your steering column. A new plunger is supplied in the kit and will work for most GM horn contact types


After modifying the plunger for your installation, insert the small spring into the tower protruding through the installation hub


The plunger is then inserted against the spring and seated against the hub with the wire coming toward you


The plunger is then inserted against the spring and seated against the hub with the wire coming toward you.
Use a small piece of masking tape to hold the plunger and spring in position in the hub. This will allow you to install the column cap without fighting the spring trying to push out the contact plunger


The column cap, or steering post cover, comes in black and can be painted to match your steering column color. The contact wire is threaded through the cap as shown


Now the steering wheel is positioned on the cap and a couple of the retaining bolts hand tightened. This will hold the cap and wheel in position while you install the retaining nut and tighten to 25-30 ft. lbs of torque


After tightening the nut, remove the bolts in preparation for installing the new Grant contactor ring assembly


The horn contact assembly is installed fiber side facing out and the circular cutouts positioned above the bolt holes


The three shoulder bolts are installed and torqued to 10-12 ft. lbs. The contact wire can be routed around the retaining nut and slipped over the contact pin on the contactor assembly. The steering wheel and assembly are now securely attached to the shaft and column




The finished product looks great!

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